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Mr. Ramírez's Spanish Language Training Fees

Mr. Ramírez, an experienced native Spanish teacher, will be your personal guide from the beginning to the end of your learning journey.  Learn about Mr. Ramirez

He specializes in creating and teaching customized instructional materials tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring that every aspect of your learning experience is directly applicable to your social interaction and professional field and industry.

Spanish Classes with Social Approach: $50 per 50 minutes instruction.

Spanish Classes with Social and Business Approach: $70 per 50 minutes instruction.

These customized materials are included in each student’s session:

  • Grammar concepts integrated with everyday social situations and interactions, alongside industry-specific vocabulary and terminology.

  • Custom exercises designed to reflect the practical application in your social interaction, professional field, and business industry.

  • High-quality audio readings and dialogues, carefully created from real-world social interaction, professional and business contexts.

  • Custom Quizlet vocabulary set, crafted specifically for you, streamlines your practice of pronunciation and spelling with tailored social expressions and industry terminology.

For in-person classes for individuals, group, and company setting in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, please contact us at 954-655-5816.

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Start your customized Spanish classes with your certified language trainer

José Ramírez.

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