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We offer Spanish classes in Fort Lauderdale FL & courses globally that cover Basic, Intermediate & Advanced levels.

You will learn the grammar structure and concepts, verbs conjugation and tenses, vocabulary to communicate with the Spanish speakers effectively.

Our classes are focused on conversational Spanish, along with reading and writing skills.

Our classes are one-on-one or in group classes.

We offer live online classes or in-person. (We cover for in-person classes Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach).

We accommodate your class schedule at the time of your convenience.

We customize all courses, tailoring them to your specific purpose or need with the help of a Spanish teacher. 

What do you get with this service?

Basic and Intermediate Spanish Classes

These classes or courses are the foundations and will provide you all the grammar concepts and structure to create your own sentences and asking and answer questions to communicate in different tense with the Spanish community.

Customized Online Spanish Classes tailored to your specific field, trade or specific purpose.

We give you a quality class in every session. It means that you will be engage, learn, apply, and remember the grammar concepts and vocabulary.

This gives you the opportunity to review after and before the class and to continue studying anytime, anywhere.

We offer additional exercises besides the book in order to keep you engaged reviewing previous material.

Passages with vocabulary and expressions that include audio. This will help you to increase your vocabulary, listening skills, and reading comprehension in Spanish for beginners, and improve your pronunciation through Spanish lessons.

We offer less-expensive online classes, particularly useful if you are out of town and need to keep up with our classes. For this, we use a professional program utilized by universities all around the world. For more information see Online Classes for the Best Spanish Language Learning Programs.

You will receive a binder that contains handouts of Spanish grammar concepts and exercises, loose-leaf paper, index cards, and a pen.

Advanced Spanish

Digital flashcards and other ancillary aids, as in the Basic and Intermediate classes.

Customized Spanish courses near me tailored to your specific field or trade.

Passages with vocabulary and expressions that include audio. This will help you to increase your vocabulary, listening skills, and reading comprehension in Spanish through Spanish tutoring, and improve your pronunciation.

Choose the Spanish class to improve your professional communication skills

Spanish Classes for Healthcare Professionals

Spanish Classes for all Conversational Topics

Spanish Classes for Spanish Speakers

Spanish Classes for Politicians

Spanish Classes for Traveling and Socializing

Spanish courses and class duration

There is not a minimum or a maximum amount of classes require to learn or improve your Spanish language.

Every student is different with different goals to accomplish.

The most common package that our students prefer is 24 hours instruction and they can renew it according to their need.

Every session is from one hour or one hour and a half and longer to a full immersion.

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Start your customized Spanish classes with your certified language trainer

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